Environmental Bureau of Investigation

Provides details about health issues with copper.


Health Issues with Copper

Agency for toxic substances go through the health risks with copper poisoning.


Copper in Drinking Water

University of Nebraska Fact Sheet on Copper in Water


Copper Reduction Therapy

A new tool for managing cancer with copper reduction therapy.


Insurance Claims and Pinhole Leaks

"Use it and lose it"
This Seattle Times story talks about insurance claims,"CLUE", a database in which all insurance companies use to report your properties claims such as water leaks.


Realtor talks about CLUE

Realtor broker, Joe Virnig, talks about the consequences of the CLUE insurance database.


CLUE Database

Find out if there is an insurance report on your home.


Research of Pinhole leaks

Dr. Marc Edwards research on the failing of copper water piping.


Copper Levels in Drinking Water

The National Academy of Sciences describes copper related issues in drinking water.


Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission
Reports and facts about pinhole leaks in copper pipe.


Blue Water in Drinking Water

This site explains 'blue water' and also has other links that describe blue water symptoms and some of the reasons it may occur.


NSF International, founded in 1944 as the National Sanitation Foundation, is known for the development of standards, product testing and certification services in the areas of public health safety and protection of the environment. The NSF Mark is placed on millions of consumer, commercial and industrial products annually and is trusted by users, regulators and manufacturers alike. NSF is widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in the health and environmental sciences.


Copper in Drinking Water

Washington Department of Health Describes some reasons why copper leaches into your drinking water.


Copper Pinholes

This article talks about copper pinholing in different areas and what may be causing it.


UPC and IAPMO approval for domestic water piping systems. IAPMO is the agency that approves products and procedures to be used in the plumbing industry. Type 'pipe restoration' in the search box to view the listing.


Hotel Online

Corrosion of Piping Systems.


Ask The Builder

Aggressive/Corrosive Drinking Water.


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