ACE DuraFlo eliminates every burden associated with a conventional re-pipe. It is proven and used in thousands of applications. We have included some of the frequently asked questions about the ACE DuraFlo System.

Q1. Does pipe restoration save money?

A1. YES! Since pipe restoration restores a building's piping system within the walls, owners save money by not destroying walls, and having to patch, tape, texture, paint, wallpaper or tile. The savings in the reconstruction cost makes pipe restoration the less expensive alternative.

Q2. Does the pipe restoration outlast a new pipe?

A2. YES! New pipes start to deteriorate the moment the water is turned on. Epoxy lined pipes protect from future corrosion or pinhole leaks indefinitely.

Q3. Can an ACE DuraFlo System restoration be planned around the tenant's or homeowner's schedule?

A3. YES! The ACE DuraFlo System restoration is planned as far ahead as possible. An updated schedule of the suites or apartments will be posted in the lobby on a daily basis. For a home, the homeowner will be able to schedule their home as far in advance as they like. The process should not compromise a tenant's or homeowner's standard of living.

Q4. What type of pipe can the ACE DuraFlo System restore?

A4. The ACE DuraFlo System is designed to restore all metallic, concrete or asbestos piping systems. In galvanized or metal piping systems, the rust and corrosion buildup within the pipe is removed to restore full water pressure. Pipes are then protected to ensure future buildup never happens. Copper pipes are cleaned of any oxidization and coated with an epoxy barrier.

Q5. Is the ACE DuraFlo System method safe?

A5. YES! The ACE DuraFlo System does not use chemicals in its cleaning process, meeting North America's strictest water safety standards. In addition, the epoxy used in the process is certified safe for use in potable water systems.

Q6. Who has used Pipe Restoration?

A6. Some of the largest companies and cities worldwide have taken advantage of this proven technology for many years. Some customers including hotels, government agencies, property managers, building owners, hospitals, U.S. Navy, primary care facilities, and universities.

Q7. If pipes are old and fragile, can the ACE DuraFlo System fix my pipes?

A7. YES! The cleaning process is so refined that it can recondition most piping systems back to full operating condition.

Q8. If a large hole is found or a blow-out occurs, can you fix it?

A8. YES! Sometimes large holes are found in the piping system once the encrustation is removed from the piping walls. If a large hole is found, we simply replace the affected pipe and continue with the process.

Q9. Will carpet and flooring be protected?

A9. YES! The crew conducts all their work inside the building so no mud or dirt will be tracked in. The only working material likely to touch the flooring is the food grade hose that supplies the air to the piping system. In the event that the flooring requires special attention, ground covers are put down before work begins.

Q10. Is the ACE DuraFlo System the most environmentally friendly alternative?

A10. YES! The ACE DuraFlo System significantly reduces waste and strain on landfills compared to the conventional repipe method.

Q11. What happens if I want to remodel and I need to add to a system that has already been restored?

A11. With the ACE DuraFlo System all you have to do is call us at 800-359-6369 and tell us what you are planning to remodel. Due to the different piping systems and different needs for particular remodels there is no "one and only way" to adapt to our system with your particular piping material and remodel needs.

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